WATER-JEL Technologies has an extensive distribution network. It is more than likely that the supplier you are now purchasing products from already carries our line. To confirm this or to find a supplier in your area, please review the partial customer listing below. Hyperlinks are set up for each of the distributors—simply click below and you will be sent to the respective websites directly.

Or, if you prefer, you may contact us by phone at 800-275-3433 or you may fax at 201-507-8325 or email us at info@waterjel.com.

For international distributors, contact WATER-JEL Europe by phone at +44-1992-583222 or you may fax at +44-1992-583229, or email us at info@waterjel.net.

Able First Aid First Aid Kits 847-459-6800 IL
Airgas Safety 800-548-0909 WI
Alert Services Sports Medicine 800-688-3767 TX
Alliance Medical General 888-633-6908 MO
American First Aid Industrial Safety 800-370-0442 OH
Aramsco, Inc Environmental Safety, Homeland Defense 800-767-6933 NJ
Athmann Industrial Medical Supplies, Inc. Safety, First Aid 800-456-2467 IN
Botach Tactical Safety, Tactical 323-294-5555 CA
Bound Tree Medical EMS 800-533-0523 OH
Certified Safety
Manufacturing, Inc.
First Aid 800-854-9091 MO
Chief Supply Fire, Medical, Law Enforcement 800-733-9281 NC
Cintas/American First Aid & Safety First Aid, Safety, Medical 800-521-4951 OH
Cleaner’s Supply Safety 800-388-5410 NY
Collins Sports Medicine Sports Medicine, Surgical Supply 800-886-2825 MA
Combat Medical Systems Military 910-426-0003 NC
Conney Safety Safety, First Aid 800-356-9100 WI
Dixie EMS Medical 800-347-3494 NY
Drugstore.com General 800-378-4786 WA
Ecolab (Daydots Division) Facility Cleaning Supply 800-352-5326 MN
Emergency Medical Products, Inc. EMS Supplies 800-558-6270 WI
Empire Safety Safety 800-376-6337 CA
Equipment Direct EMS, First Aid 800-424-4410 CA
Everready First Aid (Dixie EMS) Medical 800-347-3494 NY
FAS2000 First Aid 303-365-2020 CO
First Aid Champion First Aid 800-889-1994 NY
First Aid Only First Aid, Safety 800-886-6659 WA
Fisher Safety Industrial Safety 800-772-6733 IL
Florida Medical Equipment Industrial Safety, First Aid, EMS 305-637-9400 FL
Galls EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement 800-854-2706 KY
Grainger Industrial Safety 888-361-8649 IL
Hagemeyer Industrial Safety 800-752-0007 SC
Hantover Industrial Safety 800-821-2227 MO
Henry Schein Medical, Dental 800-972-2611 NY
Ideal Safety Sales Wholesaler 800-428-0800 WI
Industrial Medical EMS 800-688-3720 KS
Integrated Support Services Fire Service, EMS, Industrial Safety 800-826-3473 NC
J & B Medical First Aid, Safety, Fire/EMS 800-737-0045 MI
K.P. Beauty Products Beauty 800-565-8739 CA
Lab Safety Industrial Safety 800-356-0783 WI
Life-Assist, Inc. EMS 800-824-6016 CA
Lightning Supply Industrial Safety 800-724-9976 NJ
The Loss Prevention Industrial 787-785-2200 PR
Masterman’s Safety, First Aid 800-525-3313 MA
Masune First Aid & Safety First Aid, Safety, Medical, Fire, EMS 800-831-0894 NY
MayDay Industries Emergency Preparedness 714-893-5410 CA
Medco Supply Sports Medicine, School Nurse Supplies, Occupational Health 800-556-3326 NY
Medical Products Inc General First Aid 800-638-0489 MS
Medsafe Sports Medicine, First Aid 800-442-8839 TX
Med-Tech Resource, Inc. Police, EMS, Fire Supplies & Equipment 800-693-0032 OR
Med Worldwide EMS, Industrial 800-638-9224 FL
Mfasco First Aid, Safety 800-221-9222 MI
Mico Safety, Food Service 972-422-2001 TX
Moore Medical Occupational Health, Schools, EMS, Fire, Medical 800-234-1464 CT
My First Aid Company First Aid 866-362-2691 KS
NorMed Medical, First Aid 800-288-8200 WA
North Safety Products Safety 800-430-4110 RI
Northern Safety Industrial Safety 800-571-4646 NY
Orr Safety Safety 800-669-1677 KY
PAC-KIT SAFETY First Aid 800-243-5050 CT
PMI EMS 800-764-0636 CA
PSS/World Medical, Incorporated Medical 904-332-3000 FL
Rocky Mountain Industrial Supply Industrial Safety 307-472-5519 WY
Safety & Construction Supply Safety, Construction 800-748-2646 CO
Safety Source Industrial Safety 800-225-3553 MA
School Health School Nurse Supplies 800-323-1305


School Kids Healthcare School Nurse Supplies 866-558-0686 WI

School Nurse Supply Inc.

School Nurse Supplies, Medical 800-485-2737 IL
Shamrock Supply Industrial Safety 800-341-5563 CA
Sharpe Safety Supply Corp. Industrial Safety 800-862-0777 VA
Swift First Aid First Aid, Safety 661-295-0634 CA
Southeastern Emergency Equipment EMS 800-334-6656 NC
Southland Industrial Safety, Food Service 800-334-6743 GA
S&S Supplies & Solutions Industrial Safety, Fire, EMS, Construction 510-226-8665 CA
Tifco Safety, Maintenance, Automotive 281-571-6000 TX
Top Safety First Aid 908-707-8680 NJ
Total Resources International First Aid 909-594-1220 CA
VWR Scientific Safety 800-932-5000 PA
W.B. Arnold Co., Inc. Marine Safety 973-616-0399 NJ
Wesco Safety 866-746-3519 PA
Western First Aid and Safety First Aid, Safety 866-362-2691 KS
West International First Aid, Industrial Safety 954-975-7410 FL
William V. Macgill School Nurse Supplies, First Aid 800-323-2841 IL
Zee Medical First Aid, Safety 800-841-8417 CA
Acklands Grainger General 800-668-8989 Ontario
Crestline Coach Ltd. EMS, Medical, First Aid 888-887-6886 Saskatchewan
Safecross First Aid Industrial Safety 800-387-2339 Toronto
Western First Aid First Aid 866-362-2691 Kansas
Western Safety Industrial Safety, First Aid 800-655-5244 British Columbia
Water-Jel Europe   +44-1992-583222