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  • When a little boy touches a hot burner, Grandma’s Water-Jel makes it all better.
  • A hot cheese sauce burn is no match for Water-Jel’s quick cooling and pain relief.
  • Water-Jel comes to the rescue when a mom spills hot grease on her foot.

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British grand prix medical team wearing the WATER-JEL logo on their sleeves

"Our emergency response cars, medical center and pit lane doctors are equipped with Water-Jel Burn Dressings and Fire Blankets. These have proved invaluable in treating the burn incidents we have experienced with the drivers, pit crews and spectators at the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit over the years."

Dr. Ian Roberts
Chief Medical Officer
British Grand Prix

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"What a wonderful product! My mom burned her entire palm, and we expected BIG pain and weeks without dinner! To our surprise, after using Water-Jel a few times, all the redness and pain disappeared in a couple of days. It was like the burn never happened. Your Water-Jel has also helped me numerous times with smaller problems."

Edward Krupsky
San Mateo, CA

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"In the roofing business, accidents can happen and burns can occur from multiple sources, such as hot tar, torches or too much sun exposure. Because of Tri State Roofing’s commitment to the safety and well-being of our team and customers, I always keep Water-Jel burn and first aid products on hand at every jobsite. The products are easy to use and provide immediate relief."

Stuart Roberts, Owner
Tri State Roofing

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